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Over the years we have built hundreds of new homes and renovated some wonderful buildings. In each and every one of our projects, one thing has stood out; the reaction of our purchasers when they see the finished product. It’s the detail and the special features that make it a home rather than a house.

Our Homes

Why choose a Waters home?

Whilst the bricks and the mortar are really important (trust us, we build to the best standards) we strive to create developments where the style of the homes is influenced by the surrounding architecture and exemplar environments so that we can deliver homes that are as distinctive you are.

We take our time, explore great designs, walk the streets and take inspiration from our experiences so that you get the home you deserve with character. So, whether it’s the feature window, the framed view or the way the light cascades down the stairs you can be assured that we’ve thought it all through.

Tilton on the Hill, Leicestershire
Aslockton, Nottingham
Aslockton, Nottingham
Birstall, Leicestershire


“On the occasions I have contacted Dominic or Damian with a problem they have responded quickly, been respectful and pleasant and solved the problem as soon as possible with a promise of further help if necessary. It was their kind of disposition that gave me the confidence to contact them when I need to.”

I Fairbrother

“Thanks for letting me have a final look around the house today, it looks great! I can’t thank you enough for making my first house buying experience so amazing and straightforward. Can’t wait to move in, I honestly couldn’t be happier with the house.”

S Makings

“I have recommended and would further recommend, on the basis of my apartment, any of the building works these guys undertake. They have an attention to detail and build quality that is very rarely seen today and it was for this reason that I brought the apartment. Indeed, friends and family that have visited, are as equally impressed – some would say a little envious!”

Greg H

“I am pleased with the house and service I have received from Waters Homes and have no problem in recommending them to friends and family.”

K Fairbrother